About Us

Here at Burg’s Bees, we are passionate about the environment. That’s why we started raising bees in 2017 — to make a difference. Bee’s are the most important species on Earth; without them, we would not survive. Raising bees is our way of giving back and supporting mother nature. BONUS: we get rewarded with delicious, local honey.

Our founder started beekeeping in 2017, as a backyard hobby to help pollination in the Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta, near the beautiful Piedmont Park. After a neighbor told him that their 20 year old citrus tree, which had never fruited, started producing fruit, he knew that these bees were magical and this backyard hobby grew into a passion and within two years Burg’s Bees was born.

Josh Hamburg

This family operated small business raises about 100,000 bees and will soon have more!